Fernando Martinez
Fernando is originally from Mexico City. He has been in the bicycle industry since 1980 when he worked manufacturing steel bikes and bike parts. He began racing road bikes at 13 years old, and managed and trained a successful cycling team in Washington DC after he moved to the United States in 1988.
Fernando managed some of the well-known bike stores in Washington DC (City Bikes), Florida (BikeTech, Key Cycling and International Bike Shop) and California (Cyclery USA), and he owned and operated Blox Bike Shop in Mexico City. He also was a National Sales Manager for Benotto Bicycles, the largest bike manufacturer in Mexico, and has experience as a professional mechanic.
With funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and BikeTexas Education Fund, Fernando translated the Texas SuperCyclist Curriculum's Teacher Master Pages into Spanish in 2003.
After all his years of riding and wrenching, Fernando decided to make a switch to bike safety education and pass some of his knowledge on to a new generation. He joined the BikeTexas staff in 2005 as a Safe Routes to School Outreach Coordinator for Amarillo, Texas. It was the first and largest Safe Routes to School pilot program in the country, and received several awards. Concurrently, he worked for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership as State Network Organizer; working to build and maintain a Safe Routes to School state network by conducting stakeholder research, recruiting leaders and facilitating monthly meetings. He worked on this project at policy level and represented Texas at the national level.
After moving to Austin in 2007, he represented BikeTexas on the Street Smarts Task Force. Now he is part of the BikeTexas ParentsPlus and Kids Kup teams.
Fernando is a League of American Bicyclists League Certified Instructor, is SuperCyclist certified and has a Business Administration / Management Certification from Montgomery College. He is happily married to Irene Carrion Martinez, an excellent chef; and they have a little 4 year old princess, Viviana Gabrielle. Fernando Martinez

Fernando Martinez was born in Mexico City and began his life-long love of bicycles at the age of six. By the time he was thirteen, he was racing road bikes and by early adulthood had pedaled his way into the business of bicycles when he began as a lineman in the manufacturing of steel bikes and bike parts for both Esbrival, Casa Munoz de Cote and Benotto Bicycles (the largest bicycle manufacturer in Mexico).


fernando_01aIn 1988 Fernando had the opportunity to move to the United States and settle in the Washington DC area. Hired first as a customer and bike service representative, he eventually became a manager for City Bikes. During his spare time he volunteer managed, trained and was a member of a successful road cycling team. Fernando later took another opportunity and made a move to Florida. There, he managed three more bicycle shops: BikeTech, Key Cycling and the International Bike Shop.

Due to his considerable experience and professional relationships in the bicycle retail and manufacturing industry in both Mexico and the United States, by 1999 Fernando had: assisted in the creation and development of a new online venture called Bikes.com where he ultimately took over management of plant and warehouse operations; started a family home-based business called Bicycle Industry Services (BIS) where he, his wife Irene, and others translated documents, manuals, catalogs and web content for well known bicycle manufactures and distributors; and partnered with a friend  to develop Action Bike Magazine, a widely distributed bicycle magazine in Mexico.

In 2003, BikeTexas Education Fund (a non-profit 501c(3) organization based in Austin, Texas) sub-contracted Fernando to translate over 80 Texas SuperCyclist Curriculum** Teacher Master Pages and other related materials to Spanish. In 2004, the Martinez family moved to California where Fernando managed and turned sales around for Cyclery USA.

Just a little over a year later, in 2005, BikeTexas Education Fund called again and Fernando and Irene moved to Texas where he helped launch and conduct the BikeTexas Safe Routes to School* pilot program. For the next four years Fernando served as a BikeTexas Safe Routes buy priligy online to School Outreach Coordinator for Amarillo and the surrounding areas. In their target market, he and his teammate received considerable recognition, commendations and awards from the city's mayor, the Amarillo Independent School District, elementary schools, teachers, and civic groups that they worked with to improve walking and bicycling safety around schools. Fernando also initiated and proved instrumental in the program's efforts to reach out to and encourage participation from the Latin-American community and his efforts there became a model for other Safe Routes to School Programs being implemented around the country.

From 2007-2009, after moving from Amarillo to BikeTexas's headquarters in Austin, he was concurrently employed by the Safe Routes to School National Partnership as a State Network Organizer buy propecia online working to build and maintain a Safe Routes to School state network by conducting stakeholder research, recruiting leaders and facilitating monthly meetings. Among many other things, he also continued to assist in the development and Spanish translations of both the Texas SuperCyclist Curriculum training materials and the BikeTexas Safe Routes to School Program materials.

In 2009, the Martinez family moved back to Mexico to care for Fernando's terminally ill father. While there, he teamed up with friends and family to co-found, co-build, and co-operate the first Blox bicycle shop in Mexico City.

In 2010 BikeTexas sought out Fernando once again and convinced the Martinez's to shuffle back to Austin. Since then Fernando has served as an integral team player working to develop, manage and/or maintain many of the organization's programs including the BikeTexas SafeCyclist, ParentsPlus and KidsKup Programs and working on special events or programs in tandem with other organizations such as Texas Trails and Active Transportation Conference, Street Smarts Task Force, TAHKA, Partnership for Healthy Texas, Texas Active Living Network plus others. He also manages and serves as head mechanic of the 100 bike fleet owned by BikeTexas.

* The Safe Routes to School Program is a national initiative - mandated, supported and funded for all states by federal legislation. The BikeTexas Safe Routes to School buy clomid online Program was a first of its kind and unprecedented pilot program that BikeTexas Education Fund spear-headed to target multiple markets for the dissemination of bicycle / walking educational materials and safety training in support of the national initiative. Safe Routes to School is an umbrella term used to encompass the five primary components (the 5Es) that make up an ideal safe routes to school program. The components are Encouragement, Education, Evaluation, Enforcement and Engineering. The BikeTexas Safe Routes to School program primarily targeted five markets: Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene, Wichita Falls and Fort Worth. For more information about the BikeTexas Safe Routes to School Program and other national Safe Routes to School initiatives, click here, here, and here.

** The Texas SuperCyclist Curriculum is a youth bicycle safety education curriculum that is taught in hundreds of Texas public schools. In Texas, the curriculum is used as the state's "Education Component" of its Safe Routes to School initiative. It is projected that at least 200,000 students annually are exposed to the Spanish bicycle safety education clomid online materials that Fernando helped to produce for the curriculum.